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Terms and Conditions

Conditions of application

  1. Introduction: These terms and conditions (terms of application) state how you use our services to purchase medical goods and products (via the ...... commercial application, or the relevant part of the application) Hence, in order to use the application or any of our services to purchase goods and products, you must create a buyer account) and we may modify our services from time to time.
  2. The words used in this application terms have the terms defined or written in bold with the meanings given to them in the terms of this application. The word “buyer” refers either to you as an individual if you use the services on behalf of yourself, or the company you work for is a representative (if you are registered or use the service as (as part of) a company or any of your subsidiaries (individually), in relation to every buyer or (Collectively) as the context requires and you choose to create a buyer account and register on the app. The buyer agrees to adhere to and comply with these terms of application.
  3. In these terms of application, the words of application, "we" and the plural subject pronoun and the possessive pronoun, as applicable, to every or all the contracting application party (s) or any of its subsidiaries. Moreover, the word "subsidiary" means in relation to any entity, any other entity or other person that directly or indirectly controls that entity, is subject to it, or is subject to thejoint control of that entity. The term "person" means any individual, company, partnership, limited liability company, government agency, association, joint venture, management, or specific entity, whether it has a clear legal presence or not.
  4. Passwords: If you were chosen or have been provided with a user name, password, or any other information as part of our security procedures, you must treat this information with complete confidentiality, as you are solely responsible for maintaining the integrity of your password. You may not disclose the password to others (unlike other parties authorized by you to use your account in accordance with these terms of application). You are solely responsible for any use or work taken under your password. If your password is compromised, you must change it immediately. We have the right to discontinue any identification name or password, whether it was chosen by you, or we have customized it, at any time if we feel in our reasonable opinion that you have failed to comply with any of these terms of the site.
  5. Specific Policies: By creating a buyer account, you agree at the time of creating the account or registration to adhere to and adhere to these terms of application as well as all policies, protocols, guidelines, and other conditions contained in the application (which form an integral part of these terms of application) and this includes: Any conditions related to the service relate to the services provided by us and requested by you, and we can provide you with them from time to time (by using jobs we can activate the use of your account) according to the conditions of that service (it may only relate to specific products).
  6. Our application services: In accordance with these terms of application, we provide you with the website and application on the internet and mobile devices to enable you to review the goods (that you choose and agree to) and complete the transactions according to what you choose and agree on together. Including what is shown in the application ...………………………………….. (except as provided for otherwise in these terms of application, the buyer declares that he does not own the ownership or ownership of the goods or stock of goods at any stage due to our provision of our services according to these terms of application, as the goods remain owned by us until the completion and successful completion of the delivery process to the customer.
  7. Buyer Duties: You may only benefit from the application for legitimate purposes and legally in the purchases of the offered goods that are compatible with the pictures placed on the application and based on the information provided to us. You must refrain from placing any advertisement, misleading information or any trademark on the application. In the event that you discover that you violate these terms of application, you must accept responsibility before us in accordance with these terms of application.
  8. The procurement process and its implementation: Contrary to the cases in which we agree to provide our services to you according to the terms of the purchase agreement (and at this time only according to the guarantees and to the extent stipulated in the terms of the other mentioned services), and with respect to any ofthe sales services through which you request goods (which we agree to provide) , you are responsible to provide the following:
    • a) Ensure that you do not cause any personal injury or property damage.
    • b) provide to the application (upon request) an updated copy of your commercial license (in the case of companies) or a copy of your passport or national identity (in the case of natural persons);
    • c) Providing the required guarantees for the purchased goods in accordance with the application practices, application guidelines and protocols, and applicable law.
    • d) Purchase of goods, in each case, according to the terms of the order and shipping data (regarding any of the goods that are requested through the application), these terms of application, and all conditions provided by you (with our consent) or by us that are displayed on the application at a time Order, where you bear sole responsibility for your orders and pay the financial dues against the goods sold to you and bear all the risks of those activities;
    • e) Executing orders for the goods being sold using one of our approved postman companies (which you will be informed of with the data provided through the buyer's account);
    • f) All goods are to be packed in a reasonable commercial manner to comply with all the requirements of packing and labels stipulated in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia;
    • g) Subject to the other terms of service, all of his merchandise will be shipped, at your expense or (in agreement with us), on or before any of the following: (1) the end of the period available for shipment (which starts from the date the relevant order was made by you) or the date of shipment availability, as applicable, which you specify in the inventory data. (2) In the event that you do not specify shipping availability information in the merchandise inventory data, or if your product is classified within the category of products that the application requires shipping within three working days from the date of making the relevant order by you, and you agree to accept our right to collect any incurred loss or incurred by us in the event that: (1) being delayed in the time specified for receipt; or (2) cancel your confirmed order;
    • h) Retrieve order data and shipping information for any of the goods ordered through the app to comply with your obligations in accordance with these site terms;
    • i) Only canceling any purchase through the application as permitted by in accordance with the guidelines and policies issued by us that are valid at the time of the mentioned order or as required under these site terms)
    • j) Providing the application with the necessary information regarding the implementation of requests, placing the order and tracking it (to the extent available), in each case according to what we require using the processes specified by us. We have the right to make any of this information public.
    • k) Be the actual buyers of all the goods in question and not act on behalf of anyone else;
    • l) Attach a custom packing card to the order and, if applicable, any tax invoices, on every shipment of your orders;
    • m) Define yourselves as a buyer of each product or merchandise in all invoices or other information received or provided regarding the commodity
    • n) Except as expressly permitted by these terms of application, the obligation not to contact other buyers (whether by phone, email or other means of communication) for any reason related to the goods sold subject to the orders.
  9. Our Policies: The site terms apply to all activities or transactions made on or via the app. Preserving trademark rights, any part thereof, and intellectual property rights in accordance with the laws in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (which means without restriction) (1) copyrights, patents, database rights, trademark rights, designs, technical knowledge, and confidential information (Whether registered or unregistered); (2) requests for registration, and the right to apply for registration, for any of those rights; and (3) all other intellectual property rights, and equal or similar forms of protection found elsewhere in the world) or any other rights for others or according to any laws in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we may remove those products from the site and from our warehouses (if applicable). This is in our absolute discretion or the buyer submitting a request to remove these products within a reasonable time, in writing. The seller acknowledges that we may from time to time introduce and implement new business rules andcustomer service guidelines. In addition, we are under no obligation to return any information, materials or documents to you, whether before or after the termination of these sites terms or the cancellation of the buyer's account.
  10. Fees and Payments: With the exception of what is stipulated otherwise, the fees that we calculate on our services can be found on the website ... In addition to updates to this from time to time. The buyer is responsible for paying the taxes associated with the products (including any interest or fines imposed by any competent authority due to the delay or non-payment of these taxes, according to the laws in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). All these amounts shall be calculated in addition to the price. Moreover, you grant us the necessary authorization (and you will provide us with documents proving your authorization at our request) to verify your information (including any updated information), and to obtain credit reports on you from time to time, whenever it is agreed with you in each case. Hence, this is to obtain a credit authorization from the authority that issued your credit card and that we calculate the amounts on your credit card or deduct any due amounts from you to us from your bank account (whether in the form of a payment or otherwise). With the exception of what is stipulated otherwise, it will be indicated that all the amounts stated in these website conditions are displayed in the currency stated on the site or referred to in the buyer's account for each selected country. All payments received in these website terms will be paid in the currency stated on the site or indicated in the buyer's account. All fees payable by the buyer under the terms of application do notinclude these applicable taxes and fees, including without limitation, value-added tax, sales tax, and other similar taxes on transactions, production taxes and total returns "(indirect taxes)". If the fees payable by the buyer are subject to indirect taxes, then in this case the indirect taxes are calculated by the application in addition to the fees payable under the agreement. The buyer shall provide that information to us whenever it is reasonably required in order to determine whether it ....... is obligated to collect the indirect taxes from the seller or allow the application to comply with its legal obligations regarding the collection and proper implementation of the indirect taxes. ........ will deduct the shipping charges incurred ........ in relation to the buyer or customer, if any. Hence, we will make reasonable endeavors to ensure the cost of each item minus the price of our capacity as stipulated on the site in accordance with the payment terms stipulated in the application after the successful delivery of the product, and in any case provided that it does not exceed a day of delivery. This period is always subject to any customer dispute or the period for resolving the dispute. After that, the seller can transfer the remaining balance to his / her bank account at any time. Our commitment to transfer the funds received by us on your behalf is limited to the funds that we have already received, minus the amounts due to us, taking into account the loading of expenses, returns, or amounts withheld in anticipation of the expected claims according to the terms of this site. The parties must strive to resolve all and any money disputes amicably, and in the absence of any acceptable solution, the parties must refer the dispute to the competent authority in order
  11. Regardless of any other provision in these terms of application and without prejudice to other rights and means of application, the buyer insures the application against all losses (including to the extent that any loss is considered direct or indirect and / or related to or includes any investigation costs or fees or Professional expenses) incurred or afforded it.
  12. Buyer guarantees and statements: The buyer acknowledges and guarantees that (1) If you are a company, it is established and operating in the first place and is in good standing according to the laws in force in the Kingdom, and that it registers to obtain our services provided under these site terms; (2) The buyer has all the necessary authority and the authority to conclude these terms of application, implement its obligations, and grant rights, licenses, and authorizations in these terms of application; (3) The buyer is solely responsible for any products requested or distributed with his knowledge and is also responsible for any violation of any contracts with others; (4) The ordering procedure and the purchase of goods through the site do not violate any laws in force in the Kingdom or the rights of others; (5) The buyer will not engage in unfair commercial practices and / or publish any propaganda or information that is inaccurate or misleading about the application;
  13. Returns: Seller undertakes to adhere to the return and return price policy stipulated in the site, whereby the products sold through the site ... Delivery of products to the customer. The return policy applies as long as the products are in their original packaging and returned to the seller in the original condition they were at the time of purchase and receipt. Our customer support team will arrangethe return to the seller by booking an appointment with the postman to receive the product and return it to the seller in accordance with the policy. At this point, the seller must return the amount of the return price to the said customer. Subject to the provisions of this clause, the seller must always accept the return of the product. If the return of the product is not based on a claim that the designer violates any of its obligations, the application will not count any costs or fines (unless otherwise specified in these terms of application)..
  14. With the exception of any of your products implemented in accordance with other terms of service, you must immediately accept and perform cancellations or returns and return the funds and adjustments according to the return and refund policies published on the site in force regarding the products and services provided on the application, with we activate this feature in your account. Without limiting your obligations, we may, in our absolute discretion, accept, account and process cancellations, returns, refunds and adjustments. Provided that you send any money regarding any sale made through the site.
  15. Delivery errors and non-conformity: The company is responsible for any error in implementation or non-delivery or error in delivery or any other error or behavior related to the implementation of your product order except for the amount in which the cause is any of the following: (a) credit card fraud (and when we are responsible for this manipulation); or (b) our failure to provide you with the order, due to the shipping information as we received it or according to the result of the address verification process.
  16. Changes, updates and upgrades: The application reserves the right to change these terms at any time and at its absolute discretion. Any changes will take effect immediately upon the occurrence of any of the following: First, publishing the amendments to the application and / or sending the notification to you (including via email or through your buyer's account) without sending any further notification to you. You are also responsible for reviewing any applied changes. Your continued use of the application (which appears through your access to your buyer's account) and our services after the posting of any changes, notices and / or pressure requests to agree to continue is considered as your acceptance of those changes. In the event that you do not accept any of those changes that are made on these terms of application, you must not continue to use the application and communicate with us for that. The buyer agrees that there is no effect or legal validity of any working conditions issued by the buyer or sent to the application. While the application tries and seeks to maintain the safety and security of the application, we do not guarantee continued Application work or access to it. The buyer acknowledges that the application may from time to time upgrade the features in the application or some aspect of our services that the seller provides to his customers in general. In order for the buyer to benefit from that upgrade, the application may make changes to the provision of any of our services, as well as the procedures through which the seller obtains any of our services. The application may also, from time to time, change any of our services to the extent necessary to comply with any change in thelaws in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Application commitment: The application and any of our services provided through it or any of the features used or based on it, including all content, software, functionality, materials and information available regarding or provided in connection with our services, is considered to be provided "as is". Each application entity or person is considered individually responsible for its own obligations under these terms of application and is not collectively responsible for the obligations of any other entity or person affiliated with the application under these terms of application. As a user of the application, the buyer uses the application and our services provided to the buyer at his own risk. To the maximum extent permitted by law, the application and its subsidiaries disclaim responsibility for: (1) Any representations or guarantees related to these conditions of application contained, or any of our services or dealings stipulated in the terms of application, including any implied guarantees related to commerciality or validity for a specific purpose or non-violation; (2) the implied guarantees that arise during dealing or implementation or The use of this type of trade; and (3) any obligation, liability, right, claim, or means of compensation for damage, whether due to negligence on our part or not. The application does not guarantee that the features on the application and in our services will comply with the requirements of the buyer, be available, available at the appropriate time, are safe, uninterrupted, or error-free. The application will not be responsible for any service interruptions, including but not limited to system malfunctions or other interruptions that may affect thereceipt, processing, acceptance, completion, or settlement of any transactions. The application is also not involved in any transactions between clients or other transactions in the event of a dispute between one or more of the participants, and therefore each participant of the application participants and its subsidiaries (and their agents and employees) shall be exempt from any claims, requests and compensation (actual or consequential) Whatever its type or nature, whether known or unknown, whether it is in doubt or not, and whether it was disclosed or not disclosed that arises out of or is related in any way to these conflicts. Our responsibility arising out of or in connection with these terms of application or the prescribed transactions does not exceed, whether in contractual terms, security, or harm to the buyer or any other person, any cost to cover, recover, or compensation for any investment made by the buyer or any of the subsidiaries He has in connection with these terms of the site, or from any loss of profit, returns, work, data, disciplinary or consequential compensation arising out of or related to these terms of application, even if the application or its subsidiaries have been notified of the possibility of such costs or damages,
  17. Loss mitigation: With the exception of whether it is related to any claim or lawsuit for non-payment of the price or fees, each party must take all reasonable steps to mitigate the losses and damages incurred by any claim or claim (whether due to negligence, breach of contract, or making statements Incorrect, under any compensation or otherwise) that it assesses against the other party.
  18. Insurance: In the case of total purchases through the site exceeding its value ......................... every month over a period of three (3) consecutive months You must, within thirty (30) days or thereafter, obtain your own expense on comprehensive general commercial insurance or against additional liability with a maximum of ..................., so that it covers obligations that arise from or occur with the conduct of your business, including purchases, in accordance with an insurance policy that designates the contractor and its subordinates as insured. Upon our request, you must provide us with insurance certificates with this coverage at the company address.
  19. Confidentiality: For the duration of your use of our services, you may receive information related to us or our services (including application transaction information) that does not appear to the public” (confidential information.”) You also agree to the following: (a) All confidential information remains the property of Exclusively for the application; (b) You have the right to use confidential information only to the extent necessary for your participation in our services; (c) Otherwise, you may not disclose confidential information to any other person or third party; and (d) you must take all reasonable measures to protect confidential information from any use or disclosure that is not expressly permitted in these terms of application. You may not issue any press release or issue any public statement related to our services or use our name, trademarks or logo in any way (including in promotional materials) without obtaining a prior writtenpermission. You may not misrepresent or exaggerate the relationship between us in any way.
  20. Disclosure of information: The application reserves the right to report any activity if it suspects that it violates any of the applicable laws, to the concerned law enforcement officials, regulatory authorities or others. In order to cooperate with government requests to protect the application and its clients or to ensure the integrity of the workflow of the application and its systems, the application may access and disclose any information it deems necessary or appropriate, including but not limited to buyer's account information, contact information, Internet Protocol address, data traffic information, date of use, and published content. Both the company and the buyer must protect the data according to their respective policies and the laws in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  21. Use of application transaction information: You must refrain from and instruct your affiliates to refrain from the following, directly or indirectly: (a) Disclose any information related to application transactions (except for the necessary amount of information that you can disclose only in order to implement your obligations, according to this terms of application, if you are sure that each recipient of this information will use it only for the purpose that corresponds to the restrictions imposed on you with that information); (b) the use of any information related to the application's transactions for any marketing or promotional purposes whatever it is, or otherwise in any way does not comply with policies etc. Will our own or you or the law in force in theKingdom of Saudi Arabia; (c) To communicate with someone who has applied for the purpose of your product collect any amount of special that product or to influence that person to conduct an alternative treatment; (d) downgrading our or any of our affiliated companies or any of the related products or services that we offer or any customer; or (e) making planned communications of any kind on the basis that the intended recipient is a user of the application. In addition, you may only use the tools and means that we define to communicate with our site users regarding the transactions that you carry out through it. This includes for purposes of scheduling, calling or canceling product implementation. The conditions in this paragraph do not prevent you from using other data that you obtain without reference to the application’s transaction information for any purpose even if that information is identical to the application’s application information provided you do not target communications on the basis that the recipient in question is a user of the application. The applicationspecific transaction information generally means the order information and any other data or information that you or your subsidiary companies obtain from the market or its affiliated companies, or otherwise as a result of these site conditions or the transactions stipulated in this agreement or the parties ’performance under these site terms.
  22. Duration and Termination: These terms of application start from the date your account is created or you signed a written contract with us and will continue until it is terminated by us or by you. The application may terminate the terms of application set out here (inwhole or in part) at any time at its sole discretion; however the application will attempt to give fifteen days' notice to buyers. Upon termination, the buyer's account cannot be accessed. However, any termination of the site terms mentioned here), regardless of their cause, will not: (1) affect any rights or obligations owed to either party; (2) influence the commencement or entry into force of any of these terms of application which was It is assumed to enter into force or continue to apply expressly or implicitly upon or after termination; or (3) requires asylum to the court or a judicial order is issued. Record confidential information and all materials related to any clients) that he may have received from the application in connection with the implementation of his obligations.
  23. Suspension of services: The application may suspend the implementation of our services or the possibility of entering the buyer's account without any responsibility for it in the event that an actual or potential personal, financial or legal risk has been identified on the customer (including the following cases: (1) in the event of a violation by the buyer (2) In the event that the buyer fails to cooperate in a reasonable manner with any investigation conducted by the company (3) when the company reasonably believes that its continuity in providing any of our services will offer the buyer or the company or the subsidiaries of either of them or Customers of either of them to a physical security risk or an organizational procedure.
  24. Force Majeure: We will not be responsible for any delay or failure to implement any of our obligations under the terms of applicationset out here in the event of causes, events or other matters beyond our reasonable control.
  25. Terms Control Buyer contained herein and interpreted by:
    • a) The provisions of Islamic Sharia
    • b) Laws and provisions regulating electronic commerce in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  26. Disputes: Any dispute, claim or dispute arising out of or in connection with these terms of application (including the dispute, claim or dispute relating to any non-contractual obligations arising out of or in connection with these terms of application) is referred to the relevant officials of both parties for access to an amicable solution. In the event that twenty-one days have passed without a solution to the dispute having been transmitted to the officials of the two parties, the dispute must be settled permanently through the commercial courts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for which the spatial jurisdiction is the commercial court in Riyadh.
  27. Independent parties: You and the contracting parties of the application are independent contractors. There is nothing in the terms of application mentioned here that may result in any kind of partnership, joint venture, agency or concession or indicates a sales representative or business relationship between us. You will not have any authority to make or accept any offers or representations on our behalf. The terms of application do not create any exclusive relationship between us. Nothing in the terms of application mentioned herein, either expressly or implicitly, has anything that can be interpreted as giving any person other than the parties tothese terms of application any legal or fair right, means or claim under these terms of application or in connection with them.
  28. These Terms of Application and all the representations, guarantees, pledges, terms and conditions stipulated herein are contained in these terms in favor of the exclusive benefit of the application and to you and only the customers. As may be the case between us, you will only be responsible for all obligations related to the use of any third-party service or feature that you allow us to use on your behalf, including adherence to any applicable terms of use. You may not issue any statement that contradicts anything contained in this item 7676, whether on your site or anywhere else.
  29. Disclaimers: Application rights under the terms of the site set out here: (1) It can be exercised whenever necessary; (2) Unless expressly stated otherwise in the terms of the site, these conditions are cumulative and not limited to the rights and measures contained in applicable law; (3) It may be waived only in written form and specifically. Thus, the delay in exercising any right or not exercising it is not considered a waiver of that right.
  30. Others: Except for the case of companies affiliated with the application, it is not permissible for any person who is not a party to these terms of application to implement any of them.
  31. Portability: In the event that any of these conditions of application and the documents referred to in them (including any other conditions of services) become illegal or unenforceable or inapplicable before any jurisdiction, then the unlawfulness, nonapplicability or non-enforcement for the said enforceability will not affect the following: (1) the legal, validity or enforceability of anycondition of application and the documents referred to therein (including the terms of other services) for enforcement before that jurisdiction; or (2) Legal, enforceability or applicability of any other text in the conditions of application and the documents referred to therein (including the terms of other services) for implementation before any other jurisdiction.
  32. The entire agreement: The agreement, these terms of application and the documents referred to therein (including the terms of other services) include the entire agreement between the parties regarding the contracts, agreements and transactions stipulated therein. It replaces all previous agreements between the parties regarding these contracts, agreements and transactions. With the exception of what is required by applicable law, no conditions may be implied (whether by custom, practice, or otherwise) in these site terms and the documents referred to therein. Each party acknowledges that by agreeing to conclude these terms of the site and the documents referred to therein (including the terms of other services), it has not relied on any explicit or implicit endorsement, guarantee, sub-contract or any other undertaking (except for those stipulated in these terms and the referenced documents therein.
  33. Notifications: All notifications, requests, credits, approvals or other messages must be sent or delivered under the terms of the application. These notices are sent by you for application to the contracting party concerned in writing. The notification shall be deemed to be sent upon delivery by the postman and its signature by our employee three days after that signature to the addresses mentioned in the application. We may notify you in writingthrough your email account or by delivering a printed copy of that notice by the postman to the address provided to us by you. The notification shall be deemed to be sent in each case as soon as it is sent or delivered for transmission (as the case may be).
  34. Compliance:
    • a) The buyer acknowledges and guarantees that the buyer or his financial institution (s) are not subject to penalties or otherwise, or classified under any prohibited list or prohibited parties or owned or managed by any prohibited party.
    • b) Regardless of anything that contradicts what is stipulated herein, nothing in these website terms can be construed as urging or requiring either party to act in any way (including taking or failing to take any action in relation to any transaction does not comply with or be punished under any laws, regulations or requirements that apply to any party to the agreement.
  35. Waiver: Neither party may waive its rights or obligations stipulated in the terms of application mentioned here without obtaining the prior written approval of the other party, except that the application may waive these terms of application to a company affiliated with it, or in connection with any merger or return Organizing or selling all its assets, a substantial part thereof, or any similar transaction. Subject to this limitation, the conditions of application set forth herein shall be binding and shall be in the interest of the parties, their successors, and the parties to which they assign.